Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was awake pretty early this morning, compared to what is normal for me right now. I still felt so tired though, so I just stayed in bed, thinking... For some reason, (hmmm, I have a feeling the Lord is involved in all of this), I began thinking about the meanings of our children's names.

Lucy Ellen: both names mean light
                 Reminds us that as God's light shines in and through us, we need to be light to the world. 
                 Question to think about: Am I being light to the world around me? Am I being light to my children?
Judah Wells: his first name means "praise", and his second name is a family name that refers to a location "of the wells/springs"
                 Reminds us that we need to be people of praise. Now a well or a water spring is something to rejoice about, especial in days long past, but this also reminds me that even in the deepest "wells"/pits/valleys of our lives, we can find joy in the Lord and we need that praise for Him to fill our lives. The stars never shine brighter as when you are in the darkest part of the night. (That last sentence I took from another great book, by Arthur Bennett)
                  Question to think about: Am I praising the Lord in my well/valleys? 

Mayme Rae: her first name means pearl, and her second name means wisdom.
                  Reminds us that God's word is a precious pearl of wisdom that we need to seek after. 
                  Question to think about: Am I seeking God's Word as if it really is a precious stone/jewel? We're told in Proverbs 2:4 that this is what we are to do. 
Baby number 4...we're planning on naming her
Selah (Say-la) Mae: first name is found in the book of Psalms and as a musical term in that book, it means to pause, reflect; her second name (like Mayme, originating from the name Margaret) means pearl.
                  Reminds us that we need to rest in and reflect on God's precious Word. We are a rich and blessed people when we are able to truly rest in God's Word.
                 Question to think about: Am I resting in God's Word? Am I yielding to His word or am I being anxious and full of worry?

I, at the moment, am asking myself these questions over and over again. I don't know whether it is pregnancy hormones to blame or falling short spiritually, sin, that I feel like I'm failing in each of these areas of my life. Sometimes, life is hard, and we do fail. I'm so hopeful though in my God who is so much bigger than all of these things! I know that He is always with me and that He is using every moment to shape me and make me more like His Son. For that I am so grateful. I just thought that these thoughts He gave me were neat and wanted to share them with you.
...I have a couple more neat things to share related to these thoughts, but that will have to wait until is time to go and rest in God's Word before our three little blessings wake up.


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Love this...such wonderful truths. Thank you for sharing!