Friday, June 18, 2010

Reflections, Part 2

Continuing on from yesterday's post, here is another thought I've been pondering on "The Art of Surrender". 
   "There is a moment of surrender and a process of surrender. The moment of surrender is the surrender of the will to personal belief in Jesus, that He is the crucified Savior who forgives sin. It is the moment of faith. It happens in an instant of time. 
   The process of surrender is the lifelong, daily crucifying of the human will -the will of the flesh-over and over and over again. It is surrender and resurrender and re-resurrender. It is a "process" because we surrender our will at the foot of the cross, but then we take it back up again. Surrender is an art."               
                                      - Walking With Christ in the Details of Life, Patrick M. Morley, p. 111

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Catie said...

This is so good! Not to mention so TRUE! I prob need this reminder on a daily basis! Surrendering our will is a lifelong process and I forget that sometimes - thinking that I've "overcome" some sin in my life. I do think that's possible but only w/the Lord's constant guidance and help!

I esp need to remember this when it comes to my little girl! More than once I've been so disappointed when it seems like she understands a concept (no milk right before dinner) and the next day she's asking for the same thing!! But, children are no different than adults - they need constant guidance and direction! :)

Great couple of posts, Heather. :)