Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm still alive!

Well, as you probably already know, blogging has taken a backseat to life for a while. It has been a crazy couple of months here. I feel like I did at the end of Dec. I don't know what happened...well actually, I do know...a full life happened. Here is a FAST update. I hope that more will be added to this at a later date. I'd love to share some details about some of these big events, but I can't make any promises right now that I will have time to. here it is in a totally random order  :)

TWO Bridal Showers:
Yup! I hosted two different bridal showers this last month. Here are a couple pics from my sister's shower.

A baby girl, so excited to be actually sitting in the cart for the first time instead of just in her car seat in the cart. :) She was SOO excited about this. It was a couple months ago and she only got to sit there instead of her car seat because big sister Mayme wasn't with us.

Mayme girl...cute as can be cuddling with Pooh Bear on the stairs one morning. These kinds of things keep me very busy if you can't tell. The best kind of business by the way. 

Our Birthday Girl! Lucy turned seven in March. We had a birthday boy too, Tyson is now...well you can guess his age. He was too wiggly though to get any good photos. : ) I guess he just really liked his gifts this year. 

A Trip to the Children's Museum in Milwaukee. We went with some friends and had so much fun! This is such a great place! It was even better once I went and sat with Mayme and Selah in the all enclosed toddler/preschool area! :) Let's just say Mayme was quite "explorative" that day and we couldn't keep up with her.

Getting our baby girl to eat some solid foods! This was quite a process. She wanted NOTHING to do with baby food or spoon feeding. A great book: Baby Led Weaning!!! Seriously, check it out if you are in this stage of life. I hope to write a post about it some day, but don't wait for me, check the book out. :) Oh, yes, she is eating...feeding herself a bit of food now. She Loves it. 
We hosted an Andrew Peterson concert! Yeah. It was so much fun to share one of our favorite musicians with all of our friends. This is our little buddy Joe posing with Mr. Peterson. :) Poor Joe broke his collar bone. He still made the concert though...he wouldn't have missed it for the world. :) 

The reason our hope lives on is because He Lives! Happy Easter!

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