Monday, May 23, 2011

Worry vs. Faith

In a James MacDonald message that I was listening to today, he shared this illustration:
     "People don't worry about big important stuff. What we worry about are the little things and that's the problem with worry. It takes our focus off what matters most.
     If you were in a thick fog...imagine one where you can hardly see your hand...imagine it fills seven square city blocks and is 100 feet high. Do you know how much water would be in that fog? Answer: one glass full.  One glass of water properly distributed becomes a fog 7 square city blocks, and a few gallons of water can practically cripple a whole city.
     And Worry is like that. It chokes the vitality and enjoyment out of today."

Isn't that an amazing illustration! In contrast to worry, there is faith. There is so much to say about faith. I pray that it will be something that I will be growing in until the day I see Jesus. I'll never know it all. However, I am SO encouraged by this one verse from the Bible. This verse that I've been saving to wrap up my March Forth series. Speaking of Abraham, it says in Romans 4:20:
     "...he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God..."

There it is my friends, a key to growing in our faith is to give God the glory due His name. Isn't that beautiful. Praise the Lord and don't stop praising and thanking Him and ascribing to Him the glory due His name and you can't help but see your faith grow.