Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 2 (for me anyway) Behind the Scenes at the Buzz

Here is what some of "my" finished work looks like- I put the costumes together
and then wrap all their headpieces each night.

Well, today was my second day of "work" on set for the Buzz in Bethlehem. I had four kids with me! A six year old eager to help with whatever we would let her do. She attached herself to some of the kind gentlemen working today. A four year old boy, who got to follow Daddy around. A two year old...who is potty training...who especially loved playing with the nails, screws, long sticks, drumsticks (we don't know where she found those), bathroom soap, bathroom, and saw dust! She kept us busy, but still, she was good. And a 4 month old! They did great! Then we had to hop in the van and head to Madison to run a last minute errand for Daddy who needed more fabric to complete some of the set. So, I ended up at JoAnn's Fabric Store with 4 kids. Thank goodness that Lucy is tall enough to push their carts! We had fun and again, they were great! God is faithful and His grace is amazing!

So, I have "my" (the) costumes all put together and ready to go...except for 3 capes which I need to put gromets in tomorrow morning. A couple things need to be ironed, but I'm ready to go otherwise.

Like I said yesterday, Tyson reminded me of how sweet it is to trust in Jesus. That was the hymn that we memorized this term for home school. I said to Tyson yesterday morning when we were both just feeling flustered and overwhelmed (well, me more than him), "How are we going to get this done!" Because we seemed to be short on time and hands. His answer was, "I don't know, but in the end we're going to be saying 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus'!" That statement of faith was just what I needed. It was so neat how God has worked through that reminder (and many prayers) to strengthen my faith and change my attitude. I'm so excited to finish the coming weeks of the Buzz with faith and joy! It is a time that I get to minister not only to all who come to see the show, but to the cast and crew too.

Well, I better get back to Selah...she is begging to be held and stared at after a long day of patiently and contently waiting on Mommy and siblings.

Thanks for all your prayers! keep them coming though because the enemy is hard at work.

God Bless You!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Multitude Monday

219. Christmas Trees twinkling softly ornamented with reminders of God's Good Gift to the world.
220. Old and New Traditions
221. a successful completion of our first homeschool term for the year.
222. opportunities to serve and minister to others even if they keep us dreadfully busy at times.
223. anticipation of the first snowfall.
224. the innocence of a child's thoughts
225. a husband who gently reminds me of how sweet it is to trust in Jesus.
226. Mom's Chex Mix and Wassail (hot apple cider)
227. Precious restful moments spent with family and friends
228. the joy of preparing and making a gift for someone
229. the time to work on those gifts (which I haven't had much of lately...but it will come)
230. Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!

Hello friends! Well the week is here! It is Buzz in Bethlehem time! We're in full swing Buzz mode and schedule! I'm excited, but also feeling the stress and strain this brings on our family and schedule...and we haven't even gotten to rehearsals yet! :-) The truth is, it will probably get easier when we do get to rehearsals! Then I won't be able to get anxious about everything. I hope to find some time though to post a few things that we've been working on. I don't have pictures though...that is the part that usually holds me back. I always want to put pictures with my posts. So, hopefully in a couple days, I'll get those pictures taken (and loaded onto my computer!) and put a couple posts out. In the mean time, I trying to make the most of every moment with the kids and keep up with laundry, dishes and meals. I hope that you are all doing well. I pray that you also are preparing your hearts for Christmas (like I am trying to do) no matter what your schedule looks like. We don't have to miss the gift just because we are busy. It can still be treasured. God Bless You.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lessons from Childhood

So recently Lucy had two loose teeth. She surprised herself and pulled one out Sunday morning. I tried to talk her into pulling out the other tooth that night because it too was dreadfully loose. She refused!

The next day during breakfast, she kept crying because every time she took a bite, her food would hit that loose tooth and make it painful. Tearful bite after tearful bite...we were quickly growing frustrated. We knew the best thing would be to just pull the tooth, but she kept refusing. Finally, we attempted one last time to calmly explain to her why we felt she should try to pull her tooth. At last, she conceded.

I led her to the bathroom and got some toilet paper for her to grasp it with. It came out with no effort at all. She looked into the paper with utter shock. Could it really have come out just like that? She couldn't believe it. Relief. We then enjoyed a wonderful breakfast together.

Why is it that we often refuse to turn from the sin that entangles us for fear of the pain it may cause? Christ has already won the victory for us. I know it isn't always as easy as pulling out a tooth that is ready to fall out by itself, but still, you see my point (I hope). I know in my life, there are sins that I cling too because I fear. There are so many things that are toxic to me and my family that I just won't let go. Lord, help me to trust you. Help me to walk in your victory and give you glory. Consecrate me. Make me wholly yours. It hurts to be shaped and molded, but this is what I want Lord. I want to glorify you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Multitude Monday

192. Freshly laundered, cut, folded fabric pieces waiting to be sewn into wonderful gifts
193. Sewing Machine
194. Prayer
195. The ability to learn and understand
196. Lights
197. Warm blankets
198. Cinnamon
199. Healing natural medicines that Mother can sneak into her child's applesauce or yogurt.
200. The joyful sounds the children make when Daddy comes home
201. The sound of spraying water in the washer
202. The hum of the dryer
203. Clean warm towels
204. Fun mugs to drink from (thank you...)
205. Surprise "just because" presents from dear friends (Thank you .... & .......)
206. The way that a gift giving can bless the giver and the receiver
207. Young minds exploding with creativity and ideas that they just have to try out
208. Nutella
209. The way that our God can redeem the time
210. Rediscovering an old love (like a book, movie, hobby, Jesus)
211. The sound of a house full of sleeping children
212. The feel of wooden knitting needles working soft yarn
213. A husband who knows the name of a plant only because it is the name of a guitar too :) or some other instrument
214. Heated mattress pad
215. Safe birth/arrival of a friend's new baby girl
216. Homemade applesauce
217. Alarm clocks
218. Bedtime

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