Monday, November 8, 2010

Multitude Monday

192. Freshly laundered, cut, folded fabric pieces waiting to be sewn into wonderful gifts
193. Sewing Machine
194. Prayer
195. The ability to learn and understand
196. Lights
197. Warm blankets
198. Cinnamon
199. Healing natural medicines that Mother can sneak into her child's applesauce or yogurt.
200. The joyful sounds the children make when Daddy comes home
201. The sound of spraying water in the washer
202. The hum of the dryer
203. Clean warm towels
204. Fun mugs to drink from (thank you...)
205. Surprise "just because" presents from dear friends (Thank you .... & .......)
206. The way that a gift giving can bless the giver and the receiver
207. Young minds exploding with creativity and ideas that they just have to try out
208. Nutella
209. The way that our God can redeem the time
210. Rediscovering an old love (like a book, movie, hobby, Jesus)
211. The sound of a house full of sleeping children
212. The feel of wooden knitting needles working soft yarn
213. A husband who knows the name of a plant only because it is the name of a guitar too :) or some other instrument
214. Heated mattress pad
215. Safe birth/arrival of a friend's new baby girl
216. Homemade applesauce
217. Alarm clocks
218. Bedtime

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