Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Multitude Monday on Tuesday

Before I begin, here is a quick note: I've started a new page to my blog called "Homeschool". This is obviously where I will post anything about our homeschooling adventures. I don't think you will get notices when I add things to this page, so check it out from time to time if you are interested in seeing what we are learning and doing. 

191. Our Sweet Selah

               I wonder what we will do when our home is no longer filled by the blessings that a sweet little baby brings to it?! I am so thankful for babies...right now, this baby, Selah. She is such a good baby! Let me share a bit about her:
                        Baby Grins: Selah is such a smiley baby! She has the cutest smile too. It is amazing how her little smile that stretches as wide as her chubby cheeks will permit, can make everything stop. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing when you catch her smiling at you, everything stops. You stand there and smile back absorbing every little second of that splendid little smile. That smile is magical too. It doesn't matter what kind of mood you are in, it will put you in a better one when it appears. There have been many times where I have been grumpy, sad, upset, etc, and I've walked by her almost completely absorbed in myself, and out of the corner of my eye I happen to see her sweetly gazing and smiling directly at me. I melt. She makes everything worth it, everything better, everything easier. Everything else just fades away, and my spirit is ministered to, my soul revived by that magical little smile.
                         Baby Giggles: She hasn't started giggling yet, but I'm waiting and watching in sweet anticipation every hour for that first little laugh. I make a fool of myself right now trying to get her to laugh...mostly I startle her and then she smiles and coos at me. :) When she starts laughing though, I can guarantee that the rest of us will be looking and sounding very silly trying to do whatever we can to make her giggle. I still remember very clearly the first time that Lucy laughed. She was 3 months old and I had no idea that a baby so little could laugh so much. Uncle Dan was visiting and I don't think he knew he could be so silly. He made her laugh and laugh and laugh!
                          Baby Gas: I bet you are laughing now. Let me share a funny Selah story. We were at my cousins wedding last weekend. We sat in the last row so that hopefully the kids wouldn't be a distraction and if they were, we could make a quick exit. I kept my eyes glued on the older ones. Selah sat quietly in her car seat, sweet as can be, until they came...those little baby gas bubbles that can be startlingly  LOUD as they echo through the diaper and the car seat. That was Selah. The young, childless couple in front of me didn't know what to think. I could hardly keep in my laughter as I watched them look back and forth at each other as inconspicuously as possible as if to say, "Can you believe that! Who would do that now. I can't believe how loud that was." Someday they'll understand.

I know that you all could probably say the same sweet things about your own babies. They are such a joy and such a blessing. It is amazing how someone who is so small, so helpless, often times so demanding can bring so much joy and meaning to your life. I am so thankful that God thought to give us babies. I am so thankful for  Selah.

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...they call me mommy... said...

What a delightfully, sweet post, Heather!!! :) LOVE IT!!! Excited about your homeschool page too...I am using these page buttons now too. One is for my About page and the other I am going to put our general homeschool philosophy info up. I probs will still update on my regular blog about homeschooling in general but I wanted to explain some of the whys, hows, & whats on the hs page!
Are you coming to the Harvest Party? :)
Blessings to you! Kiss that sweet Selah for me!