Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Here are my finished curtains...after I fixed them because my first measurements were too big. :-) 


My little helper. 

Another task completed. I still have a pile of sewing projects, cut and ready to be sewn together. 
I'll let you know when I finish them. Hopefully this will be a good sewing weekend since 
Tyson has to work late into the night Wed-Sat. 

Just for fun, here are some more current pictures of the kids:

Ready to go to the park with some friends!

Fun in our Elmo sprinkler on a hot day. This was a fun spontaneous moment we had, that's why they're in their clothes still. That just made it more fun though!

Fun with Bubbles

Hello Lucy. 

And, I couldn't resist this one of Tyson playing disc golf with some buddies. 


Catie said...

Your kids are so cute. :) Nice curtains, btw. Wanna make me some?? ;) Kidding!

...they call me mommy... said...

Love the curtains! Great photos! :)