Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday

11. Hair Cuts
12. Little Smiles

13. Weekend Craft Projects

14. Creative Daddies who enjoy crafts as much as the kids do. 

15. Messy little fingers

16. Bird Feeders...even if the squirrels do figure out how to get to them...and run off with them. 
17. Beautiful Birds

18. Little Helpers

19. Messy Bibs
20. Snack Time

21. To-Do lists and crossing them off

22. Kid prints on freshly made beds. 

23. Empty sinks...mine was empty earlier today :-)
24. Full sinks. Praise the Lord we have food to eat
25. Music to bring you into the presence of the Lord
26. God's Word
27. Mocha Frappuccino's (Thanks Connie for the recipe)
28. My sewing machine
29. Walks around the block
30. Freshly baked muffins

God is so good! What are you thankful for?
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...they call me mommy... said...

Love your list, girl! :) Your background is soooo pretty too! Say, where is the first 10 items on your gratitude list? :) ;)

Wretched, wretched squirrel! :P

just heather said...

My first ten items are listed at the bottom of the "Thankfulness" post. I thought I could use those as my starting point even though it wasn't officially titled that. :-)