Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitude Monday

243: Knights in Shining Armor

244: Fair Maidens Sweet

245: Fond memories of childhoods with rubber band guns 

246: Soft and fuzzy pajamas

247: Soft Babies

248: Mentos

249: Sneaky Little Girls at naptime
(In case you can't distinguish the items, she surrounded herself with Grandma's corn husk dolls, teddy bears, ceramic kitty, and a large bag of popcorn that was hiding in Mommy's bag...then she finally fell wonder she slept so long that day!)

250: Stealing Hugs and Kisses with Daddy

251: Wrapping and tissue paper piles!

252: Ice Skates!

253: Sweet Puzzles

254: Storytime

255: good leaders

256: Little girls who LOVE books

257: Bedtime smiles

  258: Eyes that can't leave the page of her book, but I'll smile anyway...

259: big boy grins

260: sweet baby faces

261: Big eyes

262: Baby dolls and rocking chairs

263: Baby baths

264: White earmuffs

265: Little boy dreaming...coming true

266: Cardboard boxes

267: The minds of children

268: Squeaky giraffe toys

269: A man who likes to surprise me and does (in a good way) :)

270: Nine years of great JOY and the dreams that wait the coming ones...


Catie said...

Oooh! I wanna squeeze those little (big) rolls on Selah! SO CUTE! Your kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing!! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Love your list, Heather.