Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've gone back and forth about posting this bit. At first, I was sure that I was not going to post it because I wanted this to be a private step, not something that I boasted about to everyone. Then as I thought more, I realized this would be a good time for confession, and perhaps my confession would spur others on by God's grace to draw nearer to the Lord as well. So, here it is:

After reading a couple posts from a blog by Ann Voskamp about growing closer to the Lord through scripture memorization(this and this), I was challenged to join her and others in memorizing the book of Colossians in a Year. Two verses a week. This sounds attainable, right? Yet, I'm quite scared. I know a lot of scripture, but I never fully memorize it and usually forget the reference. Which could be ok if that were all you were mentally capable of; however, I began to realize that my reason for this is my laziness. One line that she wrote caught me:

"Who memorizes God in the age of google?"

This is a good question! That was always my excuse for not hiding the scriptures in my heart more diligently. Not that I haven't memorized anything. I have and we are even working with a great scripture memory system with the kids. However, I haven't done it with all my heart ...because of my laziness. I could always look up the verse I want somewhere, or I could just call my Dad. :)

So, I'm going to do it. I'm going to attempt it. And by God's grace, I'll attain it, and ascribe to Him all the glory due His name. (That's my other focus this year.)


...they call me mommy... said...

How neat! I've always wanted to memorize James...:)

Catie said...

Hmm, I might have to add this to my list of things to do! :)