Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sights of Christmas at the Suemnicht Home

I finally have a little bit of time to continue sharing how we are preparing our hearts for Christmas. you enter our home, the next thing you'll notice is our tree. These aren't the best photos, but I tried. I love our Christmas tree. We wanted it to be simple and to remind us of why we celebrate Christmas. Tyson and I made this star out of lights, beads, and wire one of the first years we were together....because I surprised him with a huge tree in his apartment.
On our tree, we have simple burlap ribbon, wooden red beaded garland (that I found at Menards one year for very cheap), white crocheted snowflakes (which I made one year...before kids :-), and applesauce/cinnamon ornaments. I love these ornaments! They are so simple. We cut them out using shapes that remind us of Christmas too...a star, a cross, angels, trees, people. Hopefully the meanings behind those shapes are obvious to you, but as we put them up, it gives us a chance to talk with the kids and remind us all of what Christmas is all about...Christ coming to this earth ultimately to die on the cross for each of us. There is a little boy or girl ornament to represent each one of us in the family.

Jude wanted Daddy to put his cross ornament at the highest spot is just below our star at the top of the tree.

Oh yes, there are a few little silk poinsettia flowers too. That was Lucy's contribution one year. I had them scattered around the house and she thought they should be on the tree. :-)
I love seeing other families' trees too. There is something so magical and wonderful about a Christmas tree. It warms our hearts and stills our bodies. It draws us in and invites us to slow down and reflect and enjoy Christ and family. What does your tree look like?


Catie said...

That is a beautiful tree!!! I LOVE the burlap ribbon!! I hope to have ours filled with more and more handmade ornaments as our girls grow! :)

...they call me mommy... said...

Your tree is LOVELY, Heather! :) We are using a small artificial tree this year due to my upcoming trip to Haiti. We have a plethora of ornaments on our tree. Handmade paper ones that I made (ALSO before kids ;) ), various ones I had when I married Amos, a few from his childhood, 1st Christmas baby/family type ones, handmade ones from the kids, snowflakes, old fashioned ornaments left here at our home when we moved in, angels, and the neatest group (I think anyway) are the ones we've bought on our travels. Whenever we go somewhere we get an ornament or something that can be made into an ornament for our tree. It's fun remembering all the memories of those trips! :) Our tree kinda changes every year! One year we had two artificial up...we did one as a Country Tree (popcorn strands, cranberries, & cinnamon applesauce ornaments) and the other as our City Tree (all sorts of glittering ornaments). It was fun!
I love how you tie things into the Christmas story! Great idea! :)