Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sights of Christmas at the Suemnicht Home

Hold on to your britches! I went around the house and took pictures finally! :-) I have a lot of them to I'm going to do it gradually over a few days. Most of our time has been filled with the Buzz in Bethlehem, but in some of our free time, the children and I (and Tyson when he can) have taken time together to focus our hearts and eyes and minds and souls on Christmas...and the anticipation of the birth of our Savior. So, come on in and take a look...
The first sight you'll see as you approach and enter our home are the paper snowflakes hanging on the windows. This is something that we started doing a couple years ago. The kids do a few. I did some (that I copied patterns from off the internet :-) And...yes...Tyson lets out a LOT of creativity. Aren't they amazing! Well, maybe not as amazing as God's snowflakes, but pretty good for a human. We so enjoy the feeling of being inside a "snow globe". :-) It is such a magical feeling that brings the awe and wonder of winter alive in a new way. Theses are some of Tyson's creations. The last one however, the kids and I was a simpler project for them to help with as far as cutting and taping goes.


Come back again soon for more of the tour! :-)
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Those are so great!! :-)