Wednesday, February 22, 2012

heather's hands

I've had some good reasons to make cards the last couple of months. My favorite reason to make them is to give them as gifts...door prizes for baby/wedding showers. Just wanted to share...and also have pics in a handy place for me to refer back to. A lot of them use a simple layout with pretty papers in order to save time when I need to make a lot of them in a short amount of time.

This one was not my original idea. I got it from a card kit that I bought from our local scrap booking store. I love how they used wooden paper to make the button for this card!!

I wish I could take credit for this one too, but again it was from a card kit from the same store. 

...another card kit one...I couldn't resist it!

This one I found the idea for on split coast stampers. It differs a little from the original. 

I tried to remake this one as best as I could with what I had...the original idea came from the SU catalog.

This one I found the idea for on Pinterest. Here is the original.

I have a pinterest board with all my card/stamping ideas. I love it because I can see all the ideas at once and have ideas ready for when I need to make a card. Like this one:

I tried my own version of this card and it turned out super cute. It's a little different because I didn't have the same embossing folder..or the same ribbon and button, etc., but it still turned out super cute.

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just heather said...

forgot to mention that in the last card, using the embossing folder on the top layer gives it a "quilted" pretty!

Tessa Rachel said...

Wow! Heather, these cards are beautiful!

Tessa Rachel said...

And I also really like your header. How did you make it?

just heather said...

Thank you! You gals are still welcome to come over sometime and make cards with me! :) It would be so much fun!

just heather said...

Tyson got me some stamping/scrap booking software for my birthday. :) So I was able to use it as a picture to use.

Catie said...

These cards are so pretty! I love the bird stamp on the Thank You card. :) (With the green background) Love it!