Saturday, August 13, 2011


So, before I am accused of not being thankful, I want to thank my sweet friend Catie for making a new blog header for me. Did you notice? Isn't it neat! If you get my blog posts by email, you might want to come to my actual blog in order to see the new design. I've made some changes to the layout of my blog too. There is now an option to subscribe to get my posts automatically sent to you by email. So, if someone is forwarding these to you regularly, you may want to sign up to be sure you don't miss anything. :) Not that I've been posting a lot lately, but I have so many ideas and am trying to make some time to write and share. It keeps me on my toes. :)

You might also want to head on over to Catie's blog and see the cute header she made for herself. She has a really cute post up there about things she never wants to forget about her sweet little girl. It will bring tears to your eyes! She's also just created a blog for our MOPS group.  I tell you, this girl's got talent!

Now that I have her to help me, I might just change the look a little more often. :) How do I get one of those neat signature know that you end your posts with? :)

Thanks Catie for thinking of me!

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Catie said...

You are so sweet! :) Here's the link to get your signature, btw. :)