Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitude Monday

344. Cereal for breakfast on Sunday mornings...
the kids look forward to this all week. So do I, although most weeks
I find something else for breakfast. It is quick and easy and helps us
get to church on time. The week these pictures were taken, Jude had his tie flung
over his shoulder so it wouldn't get dirty. :) Too cute.
I guess, Sunday morning bowls of cereal has become a tradition in our home.
What do you eat for breakfast on Sundays?

345. the smell of a summer walk, freshly cut lawn, freshly washed laundry,
dinner on the grill, sweet smelling flowers
346. scenic views
347. brilliant sunsets
348. sticks, stones, blocks, hours of play
349. His still small voice
350. Grace and mercy even when we don't still ourselves and obey His voice
351. lazy summer days
352. good books
353. learning harmonies
354. songs of my childhood being rediscovered by my children
355. rain boots
356. pink tutus
357. faithful friends
358. The Good Book

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