Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little flowers all in bloom...

So, have you heard that Andrew Peterson is coming to Baraboo? That's right! Saturday, April 16th at 7:00pm...I just need to find a babysitter. :) I don't want to ask anyone because I want everyone to go to the concert! You can buy your tickets here. So, while we're talking about Andrew Peterson, let me share a little bit about why I enjoy his music so much. GREAT LYRICS!!! I really appreciate the way his songs bring my focus and attention to the Lord, encourage me in the Lord, and help me align my thoughts with truths from the Bible. I also really appreciate how he writes songs about his wife and kids!! I love that actually! I love it when it is just so evident that people love their spouses and children! What a blessing that he even shares his love for his family with the world through his music because we can relate to those songs with our families. So, want to know some of my favorite lyrics of his? Well, I'm going to they are:
From the song "Don't Give Up on Me" from the album Resurrection Letters, vol. II
Now I wake up in a golden dream: angel voices in the rooms where the children run, all covered in light.

From the song "World Traveler" from the album Counting Stars
Tonight I saw the children in their rooms
Little flowers all in bloom
Burning suns and silver moon
And somehow in that starry sky
The image of the Maker lies
Right here beneath my roof tonight

Don't you just love that? I love keeping these lyrics in's easy when the kids are acting's extremely helpful when they're acting not-so-lovely. It helps me remember what a gift, a blessing they really are. They are so precious. They bear the image of their Maker.

Changing subjects a bit...Recently some friends gave Jude a good size toy fire truck because they had two. He was so excited about it. It wasn't long after that he came to us and said that he wants to be a Fireman when he grows up. :)  Tonight he came and told me, "Mom, you know what I really want to do when I grow up? That God wants me to do? Be a Fireman! I prayed about it and asked God that I wanted to be that, and I heard His voice speak to me and He said yes!"  So cute!! I'm a little nervous about the reality of that right now, but if it does in fact happen, I know I can trust in God's abundant grace to get me through. Anyway, so cute. Had to share. He is having a "cute day" today. This morning (and all day) he wanted to wear his shoes in the house because that's what Daddy does. (They don't understand that we have too because our feet ache if we don't. :)   Then at lunch he said that he never wants "to shoot a Mommy or Daddy deer with his bow and arrow only things that are built." :) He doesn't want to hurt the deer. We'll see if that changes as he grows because you all know that I wouldn't mind the extra meat in the house. :) But if not, that's just fine. 

Well, I better stop. It certainly is nice to enjoy a sweet boy day though...especially after a week of grumpy sick kids (and mama). But, tickets to the concert and I'll see you there!

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Catie said...

I JUST got the first book in the Wingfeather series yesterday from the library! Looking forward to reading it! I'm SOOO excited about the concert! I REALLY, REALLY hope we can go! (Note to self: Line sitter up NOW!) Jude is such a handsome little man, btw!! And how sweet is it that God told him to be a fireman! The faith of children really is such a beautiful thing! :)

(As a side note; you ever notice how I use exclamation points at the end of almost all of my sentences? Actually, Amy and I both do that and it's sort of a little joke between us. Wouldn't it be funny if I actually talked that way?!?!?!!!!!!!!!)