Friday, February 11, 2011

Foto Friday

Warming...this certainly was a challenge for me. I had a few ideas and here are my best attempts. I have to admit that the first photo, while I set everything up and made sure the angle and everything looked good, I had to have Lucy push the button for me. :) The second was all on my own. So...when I thought of warming, I mostly thought of books, blankets and knitting. The top photo is of my first ever attempt at knitting socks which when finished will keep my feet very warm. :) I've only just cast on the toes and knitted a few rows. I'm excited to keep working on them. The second photo captures my favorite rocking chair, a blanket that I crocheted (in college) and some books I'm looking forward to reading...and the lovely bright winter sunlight shining through the many windows in our warm and cozy home.

Next week's challenge: Valentine. Hmm...I'll have to be thinking about that one.

Foto Friday Challenge


...they call me mommy... said...

Love these!! They are a great 'capture' of warming! :) You should teach me how to knit socks, I've wanted to learn FOREVER! :-) I see the top book is the Manners? one? I LOVE that book! :)

Hope you are doing well! Blessings, friend!

Dana said...

Really like the second shot--what a great idea!

Jemit said...

Nice.. feeling warmer already :)

Full of Grace said...

It's great that you are knitting socks, but the second pic, along with what you wrote was so cozy and lovely, I like the second shot the best :)

Rebecca said...

oh you mean you can't knit with both hands and push your button with your chin while holding your camera in your neck? COME ON! What sort of photographer ARE you?!?! ;-)

Great shots!