Monday, January 30, 2012

Essential Math, Kindergarten Level B
Singapore Math Kindergarten B 

For some reason...well more than one reason...I have felt a bit shy about posting anything Home School related lately. At the same time, I want to share some resources I love with you and well, some other thoughts too. So here I go putting all my worries and fears aside....

I have been doing Singapore Math with Lucy and am pretty pleased with it overall. Now granted true Charlotte Mason fashion wouldn't use a math workbook at this age but rather spoken "story" problems, math manipulatives (or counters and hands-on objects) and lots of games and real life interaction. I however need a book to follow! I've learned through tears (mine and her's) to allow myself and her for that matter to break away from the book's exact expectations when we need to and go at our own pace. I've also learned that Daddy is really good at making math I take advantages of any opportunities that I can to get him to help! Then they all love it!

So, I decided to start Jude on a math book too. I bought both of the Kindergarten books (A&B) from Singapore. After looking briefly over the books, I decided he could skip right to book B, and that I would save book A for Mayme. I REALLY like his book!!! If you are looking for something to guide you through math with your kindergartner (or preschooler) I highly recommend this book (maybe I should tell you though that we aren't all the way through it yet).  We don't do every page of it. We keep it light and fun. Sometimes I do the writing for him. The bottom of most of the pages has suggestions for extra activities that you can do with your child. Sometimes we only do those suggested activities rather than the work book page. I wish I had had this book for Lucy! I'm excited to start with Mayme at a very slow pace in the fall. I think it will be just enough for her to feel like she is doing "school" with her older siblings without burning her out. We'll see if that plan works or not. :) 

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Catie said...

Why do you hesitate to post about homeschooling? :) I love reading about it and seeing what other moms are doing. (Even though I'm not doing it yet! LOL)

It'll be interesting to see how Gillian best learns math. Aaron is a math genius so I'm sort of banking on him to help. He doesn't know that yet. ;o)

Btw, you don't have to use my headers. (Not sure if I like this one! Do you!?) It looks different when it's actually on a blog. It's kind of busy, isn't it?

...they call me mommy... said...

Hey...I was JUST looking at my list and figuring out which Singapore books I wanted to get! ;) Your post was PERFECT timing!! Please continue to post about homeschooling!!!!! :)