Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Despair Part 2 : HOPE

When I wrote the first part of this post on Despair, I mentioned that Andrew Peterson in a live web concert was setting up a song about hope when he said,

"When we despair, we are assuming that 

we know how the end will go."

I don't remember which song on his new album he was referring to when he said that. However, Tyson and I finally had a chance to really sit down (in the car) and listen to the lyrics of this amazing lyricist. Wow! I just had to share the lyrics to this song, "In the Night My Hope Lives On" because it echoed so clearly what I was trying to say in my post and what he said in the quote above. 

When we despair, we need to remember God's promises, His greatness. Remembering Him is the key to finding hope and leaving that pit of despair. 
Romans 15:4 For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

Andrew Peterson
In the Night My Hope Lives On

I am weary with the pain of Jacob's wrestling 
In the darkness with the Fear, in the darkness with the Fear 
But he met the morning wounded with a blessing 
So in the night my hope lives on 

When Elisha woke surrounded by the forces 
Of the enemies of God, the enemies of God 
He saw the hills aflame with angels on their horses 
So in the night my hope lives on 

I see the slave that toils beneath the yoke unyielding 
And I can hear the captive groan, hear the captive groan 
For some hand to stay the whip his foe is wielding 
Still in the night my hope lives on 

I see the armies of the enemy approaching 
And the people driven, trembling, to the shore 
But a doorway through the waters now is opening 
So in the night my hope lives on 

Oh in the night, oh in the night, 
oh in the night, My hope lives on.

Like the son who thought he'd gone beyond forgiveness, 
Too ashamed to lift his head--but if he could lift his head 
He would see his father running from a distance 
In the night my hope lives on 

I can see the crowd of men retreating 
As he stands between the woman and their stones 
And if mercy in his holy heart is beating 
Then in the night my hope lives on 

I remember how they scorned the son of Mary 
He was gentle as a lamb, gentle as a lamb 
He was beaten, he was crucified, and buried 
And in the night, my hope was gone 

But the rulers of this earth could not control Him 
No, they did not take his life--he laid it down 
All the chains of earth could never hope to hold him 
So in the night my hope lives on

And I can see the Son of Man ascending
And the sword He swings is brighter than the dawn 
And the gates of Hell will never stand against Him
So in the night, my hopes lives on
Oh in the night, oh in the night, 
Oh in the night, my hope lives on

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