Thursday, July 8, 2010


Two weeks before the expected arrival of our fourth child and we had to make our FIRST E.R. visit for one of the kids. No, it wasn't for the new baby. We had a terrible accident today and Mayme got a second degree burn on her forehead. She got scalded with hot water.

Praise the LORD! It could have been so much worse than what it is. It didn't get into her eye or her ear, and it is only a small area that is burnt badly.  It already looks so much better than it first did. It was the most terrifying thing I've been through that I can think of at the moment...another reason to praise the Lord...that this is the worst thing I can remember going through.  

She is sleeping soundly in her little bed now. I'm praying she won't roll over and smoosh her burn into the pillow and make it worse. All those mother fears. :) I've been on edge all night watching her like a hawk, but she doesn't even seem to realize that she has the burn there as she rolls and flips around playing like her normal self. Another reason to praise the Lord. 

I'm ready for a good night's sleep as its been an exhausting day. 
God is still good. 

Thank you Lord that not even a sparrow falls apart from your will and that your grace IS sufficient to meet all our needs. 

We appreciate your prayers!

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...they call me mommy... said...

Oh Heather!!! We will be praying for her! Glad that it wasn't too bad!!! I went to the ER with Ella when she was 3 months old as she fell off the table out of her carseat!!! :( I understand how scary that is!!